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37Games' Expansion Plan in the Middle East

Source: 37GamesDate: 2016-04-18

SHANGHAI, April 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Middle East Film & Comic Conference (MEFCC) was held from April 7th to the 9th in the Dubai World Trade Center, welcoming over 70,000 fans from not only the Middle East but across the world. Comic publishers, game developers and movie studios all over the world tried their best to catch the eyes of their potential consumers. Among them was 37Games, a Top 30 Chinese Internet Company, along with many of its star products.
The Middle East, a rapidly growing game market
MEFCC has been successfully held 4 times since it began in 2012 and is now the largest and most popular entertainment industrial exhibition in the Middle East. With a growing number of visitors and increasing influence in the global market, MEFCC has become the forefront of the Middle East and North African market. Behind all these is the fast growing Middle Eastentertainment market, especially the emerging game market.
According to the global strategy consulting firm, Strategy&, the Middle East will be one of the fastest growing game markets within the next 10 years. It is estimated that the total market value of the Middle East gaming market will grow from $1.6 billionthis year to $4.4 billion in the year 2022. No wonder game developers and publishers are now casting their eyes on the region.
37Games aims at the expanding new markets
As one of the pioneering Chinese game publishers in the overseas markets, 37Games was very active during MEFCC. Its star products, Felspire, Guardians of Divinity, Nightfalls, Siegelord, Fusion War and Chaos Combat, were eye-catching to visitors and brought a lot of attention to the company. We saw not only game lovers, but other exhibitors, as well as government officials visit 37Games' booth during the conference.
37Games is not alone. The ever expanding Middle East gaming market has attracted many Chinese game companies that wish to expand their international presence. However due to a lack of local developers, games in the Middle East market, after being localized, games are mostly imported from overseas. 37Games is unique in its extensive experience in game localization, both as a developer and a publisher. Therefore, we have reason to believe that it can quickly adapt to the new market.
Earlier this year at the China International Game Conference, 37Games co-founder Mr. Zeng Kai Tian, who is also in charge of the company's overseas business, said that they now have a monthly turnover of nearly 100 million RMB in overseas markets, and that the year 2016 would be a turning point for 37Games in terms of international operations. Beyond solidifying its leadership position in Asia, 37Games is planning to expand in more countries and regions, the Arabic market being one of them. However, Mr. Zeng said it would be a long-term plan and the company would make it step by step.
Mr. Zeng said, overseas expansion is not something that can be done overnight. Chinese game companies still have a long way to go before bringing their products and services to players all over the world. But based on the progress they have made so far, it is evident that we will see more excellent game publishers like 37Games emerge onto the global stage in the near future.
SOURCE 37Games