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    About Us

    Top 25 Global Public Game Company (No.3 in China).

    37 Interactive Entertainment completed its initial public offering (Stock code: 002555) and quickly rose to the top of China's stock market acquiring titles including "CSI 300 Index", "MSCI Index" and "New China Nifty 50" from Goldman Sachs.

    Our focus is on the publication and development of mobile, browser and html5 games. The in-house game development studio THREE SEVEN GAMES, and publishing platforms 37Online, 37Mobile, and 37GAMES(Overseas) are a few among our vast production network. The Guangzhou based 37 Interactive Entertainment has branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Hubei, Hainan, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and North America.

    37 Interactive Entertainment is a leading game publisher and developer, advocator of Chinese culture. In order to build a globally-leading entertainment company, we are expanding our business to other areas such as film and music production, artist agency, animation, VR content, cultural and healthcare content and online education.

    As a company with social responsibility, we have established the Youxin Foundation. We have donated more than 20 million RMB to support the foundation's work for public welfare and high school education in underdeveloped regions of China.

    37 Interactive Entertainment: Fun Creates the World!

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